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Pure Nest Cafe: More than just food

Sometimes there are things that enter your life that are pre-destined.

But I didn’t know that one of those things would be a restaurant.  Who would have thought that a random trip out to Muswell Hill would actually provide food not only for my stomach but also for thought.

Pure Nest Café is such a place.  As soon as I entered this boutique little place, there was something different about it.  From the pink décor, to the positive writings on the wall to the play area for children there was something unique in the air.  Then my attention turned to the food.  All the menu was allergen friendly – gluten free, dairy free, unrefined sugar, wheat free, grain free.  And the choices on the menu are wide ranging from eggs to acai bowls to miso soups to chickpea burgers to brownie sundaes.  Let me just say that again in layman’s terms – there are desserts here that are gluten and dairy free ! It was like walking into a paradise haven.  Here was a venue where I could choose ANYTHING off the menu without having to read through all the ingredients or have to ask for a special allergen menu or be limited to a choice of one or two dishes.  I was literally a kid in a sweet shop.

Pink to make the boys wink 

To start with I ordered something simple to start with.  Poached eggs with avocado.  Nothing too different you’d imagine right? Something you could easily make at home.  You’d imagine wrong.  When the chef came out to ask how I’d like them – soft or hard, I knew it was going to be delicious.  Presentation aside, this seemingly simple dish was full of warmth and flavour.  With a drink order of golden milk aka turmeric in coconut milk with mixed spices, I was in allergy-free food heaven.  On an aside the serving of the golden milk in a glass jar was a great touch – for someone who has missed out on the trend of dairy-full freakshakes, being served golden milk in the same jars was a nice surprise and made me feel part of the club!

Part of the ‘freak’ club! 

However what happened next marked the turning point of this café from a great little find to a quite possibly a haunt that will become a part of me.  The chef who had asked me how I wanted my eggs (I resisted the urge to say fertilised but that’s a whole other post!) was actually the owner of the café.  And what she did next was inspiring.  Josie Peterson was coming round and speaking to all her customers and offering them bacon flavoured seaweed to try.  The owner of the café was coming round to give free food to her clients.  Eh? How does that work? Not only that she also gave me one of her fresh home-made Roasted Coconut Cream Cupcakes to try.  And it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Two cakes, two bites

Photos and certificates that adorned the wall showed that Josie is a naturopathic nutritional therapist.  Everything on the menu was prepared by her own hands.  This isn’t a restaurant that mass produces, every dish is prepared from scratch.  So whilst waiting time may be longer than what you expect, you are safe in the knowledge that all dishes are freshly prepared.


Yet there was something else about the place that made it special.  And as Josie sat down with me and talked to me about various different topics including the power of self belief, of having unshakeable faith in yourself and your own journey, on how to maintain your own neutral frequency and energy vibrations, it dawned on me.  This wasn’t just a restaurant that served delicious allergy free food, a feat within itself, this was a restaurant where the power of positive thought was served in the food.  They say that food made with love has its own taste, this was proof of that.  As I listened to Josie, immersed in her words, the same words that were nourishing my mind was also mixed in with the other ingredients of the items I was eating.  To prove this I threw caution to the wind and ordered a gluten free dairy free brownie heaven dish from the sweet treats menu.  When it arrived I was in awe and when I tasted it, something within me exploded into pure happiness.  Josie called it my feel-good factor.  The fact that I hadn’t eaten brownies and ice-cream for a long time didn’t matter.  It was the fact that my mind knew I could eat this without any restrictions and enjoy every spoonful that made it so special.